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The funfarm experience

Activities that aim at real-life experiences have been nothing new to Vietnamese educational goals in recent times. Our objective is to create an ideal environment where children can immerse themselves in the obtaining of knowledge from practical settings, as well as group activities and games for their creativity, allowing them the opportunities to experience and actually apply their observations into real life, thus developing their sense of substantiality and creative potential.

Partaking in physical and creative activities will give them a break from the pressures of daily life and school to gain themselves a refreshed mentalityready to train their body, critical intellect, problem-solving skills, and encourage their teamwork spirit.

This experience also enable students a chance to experience first-hand the hardships and difficulties of a laborer, through which they can build up a sense of empathy, sharing and an awareness for their own duty as a learner.

Additionally, the program will awaken in the students a sense of patriotism which can play its part in expanding their life experience through lessons on ethics as well as knowledge in history which they would have a hard time acquiring by going over tedious and monotonous historical events. Students will understand the true meaning of the motto “Labor is a glorious thing”, because through working, humans gain health and self-development, have the right perception of labor, and eventually will come to love working and the resources of their homeland. Students will gain a sense of respect and compliance in daily interactions with their teachers, and a love towards working people.

We focus on complete safety when holding experience activities for your children to provide the most genuine environment for a hearty after-school experience.

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