Ho May Park

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Spiritual culture:

  • A Buddhism statue complex with the largest statue of Maitreya in Ba Ria – Vung Tau region; La Han Duong (the Temple of Arhat) – a sanctum for worshipping the Eighteen Arhats; Phat Tich Dong (the Cave of Buddha’s Origin) which shows a representation of the birth of Buddhism;Ho May (Cloud Lake) main Temple, the place where one can let go of their worries, and offer their prayers in exchange for good fortunes.
  • The mysterious Belem cave which nestles 20 meters deep inside the mountain projects the image of Baby Jesus being born.

Historical culture:

  • The remains of bunkers left behind by the French, and the parabolic antenna (also known as the Microwave Radio Station) built by the Americans.
  • The Nui Lon (Huge Mountain) old fortresses constructed by the French in the late nineteenth century and Ham Thuy Loi (Torpedo Tunnel) made by Japanese army during World War II.
  • Ho May temple, the place for memorializing Vietnam’s 14 most notable heroes.

Artistic culture: daily musical and dance numbers, magic shows, and animal shows.

Folklore: miniature landscapes recreating familiar folk tales such as stories of the gentle Lady Tam, the monster-slaying hero ThachSanh, or Cuoi who is stuck sitting under his banyan tree.

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