Ho May Park

Welcome to Ho May Resort Vung Tau
0908 310 135 | 0908 002 735


A part of what would make the stay Ho May Park an unforgettable experience would be the state-of-the-
art entertainment area loved by both domestic and international tourists.
Regardless of demographics and tastes, the tourist can always find a high-tech game for themselves, be it the Ultimate Slide, Quick Jump, Drift King, Tarzan, Zipline, or Alpine Coaster, etc… all of which are adventurous and challenging. The indoor entertainment center is always exciting with more than 70 games to choose from, along with international-class magic shows and circus. For family with small children, the kid playground would be ideal, with a Kid’s world full of fun with the quest to provide the most joyful and exciting experience for the children. And most importantly, the complex also hosts
the first mountain-top water park in Vietnam, featuring spectacular slides and extremely exciting water balloon fights.

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