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The tourists will get the opportunity to experience Vung Tau cable system with the modern, safe technology imported from Europe. With a transport capacity of 2.000 people/hour. From the starting point at cable station number 1, you can contemplate Vung Tau city at height with a full of terrains “gold forest, silver sea”.

A part of what would make the stay Ho May Park an unforgettable experience would be the state-of-the-
art entertainment area loved by both domestic and international tourists.
Regardless of demographics and tastes, the tourist can always find a high-tech game for themselves, be it the Ultimate Slide, Quick Jump, Drift King, Tarzan, Zipline, or Alpine Coaster, etc… all of which are adventurous and challenging. The indoor entertainment center is always exciting with more than 70 games to choose from, along with international-class magic shows and circus. For family with small children, the kid playground would be ideal, with a Kid’s world full of fun with the quest to provide the most joyful and exciting experience for the children. And most importantly, the complex also hosts
the first mountain-top water park in Vietnam, featuring spectacular slides and extremely exciting water balloon fights.

Spiritual culture:

  • A Buddhism statue complex with the largest statue of Maitreya in Ba Ria – Vung Tau region; La Han Duong (the Temple of Arhat) – a sanctum for worshipping the Eighteen Arhats; Phat Tich Dong (the Cave of Buddha’s Origin) which shows a representation of the birth of Buddhism;Ho May (Cloud Lake) main Temple, the place where one can let go of their worries, and offer their prayers in exchange for good fortunes.
  • The mysterious Belem cave which nestles 20 meters deep inside the mountain projects the image of Baby Jesus being born.

Historical culture:

  • The remains of bunkers left behind by the French, and the parabolic antenna (also known as the Microwave Radio Station) built by the Americans.
  • The Nui Lon (Huge Mountain) old fortresses constructed by the French in the late nineteenth century and Ham Thuy Loi (Torpedo Tunnel) made by Japanese army during World War II.
  • Ho May temple, the place for memorializing Vietnam’s 14 most notable heroes.

Artistic culture: daily musical and dance numbers, magic shows, and animal shows.

Folklore: miniature landscapes recreating familiar folk tales such as stories of the gentle Lady Tam, the monster-slaying hero ThachSanh, or Cuoi who is stuck sitting under his banyan tree.

  • 50 ha natural ecological forest at an altitude of 250m above the sea level, in a temperature of 22-25oc.
  • The first largest and unique ecological lake at the moutain – Vietnam Guiness record
  • The ecosystem is furthur diversified with rare species of fauna bred from overseas, mountainous and local regions

Ho May Grand Show will be sublimated emotions of art music water show at Vietnam, the perfect combination of the water show with the art 5D mapping presentation, 3D laser and sound, lighting, fire and water effect.

The performance will made a strong impression with a 5000-seat stand and a enormous outdoor screen up to 2500 inches. Everything created a fantasy world, out of your imagination. Every night, the show will turn Ho May Park into a shining diamond in the sky due to its brilliant light and laser effect

Ho May Grand Show is not only a place showing the world’s most modern technology but also convey lofty humanity messages. The Show will be the place to popularize Vietnam Tourism to domestic and international tourist with many beautiful pictures about nature and Vietnamese people, together reappearing and praising the beauties of Vietnamese people’s culture and tradition

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