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Visiting the old fortress

Visitors Adult & Children over than 1,3m in height Old person (over 60 age) & Children (1m – 1,3m) Children under 1m in height.
Price (VND) 150.000 75.000 Free

The Old Fortress historical site and Nui Lon Artillery in Vung Tau.

This battleground was the most important military defense line built by the French colonialists at the end of 11thcentury, in order to gain control of the entire South East region – the estuary that would allow them access to Saigon.

The site is located 100 meters above the ground, with 6 large canons still remain (made by the French in 1872).

The Old Fortress historical site here in Nui Lon–Vung Tau is the largest “canon collection” in Indo-China. It was the war to protect our country that Vung Tau people, and the whole country in general, went through that left its marks on this site. It is also the place scarred with tragedies of thousands of colonists and prisoners and during the colonial.

The site was classified by the Ministry of Culture – Information Historical as a National Site under decision No. 983 / QD dated 04th August 1992.

Placed on pedestals, each canon is 4.1 m in length, and weighs a total of 45,000 kg.

The battleground was on a large area of 10,000m2 with 6 canons arranged in a curvature, each one 17.5m away from each other and surrounded by reloading crews and bunkers for gunners.

The artillery is 200 meters east from the Battleground, built as an arc mainly from stones and concrete.

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