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Special Promotion for Scalloped Spiny Lobster

Scalloped Spiny Lobster has a smaller size compare to other lobsters but their meat is tough, firm and delicious. Lobster mud is sweet, delicious and nourishing. Scalloped spiny lobster can be processed into dishes: Grilled with cheese, stir-fried with salt, stir-with tamarind sauce…
And now, Hon Ru Ri Cuisine is going to serve you an actractive scalloped spiny lobster combo with the price of 500.000VND/02 lobsters with 5 dishes
Contact us:
Hon Ru Ri Cuisine
Coffee – Breakfast – Seafood – Ho May Specility
1A Tran Phu Street – Vung Tau City
0254.3856 078 – 0898 42 70 53
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