Ho May Park

Welcome to Ho May Resort Vung Tau
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In the heart of the busy Vung Tau city, Ho May is one of the best eco-tourism,cultured areas chosen by tourists. Coming here, you will have the oppoturnity to experience overnight campings full of excitement with your family and friends.

What is interesting in camping at Ho May Park?????
– 02 way cable car
– Enjoy 70 attraction activities service in the park
– See the beautiful VT City and the boundless East Sea
– Feel the fresh atmosphere
– Watch the sunrise and sunset quietly in Vung Tau City
– Colorful tents and variety of sizes
– Accessorial service packs to help you make a special night:
+ Variety of BBQ menus
+ Lively sound system
+ Interesting campfire and games
+ Trekking,…
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