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Restaurant system

Ho May restaurant system is just an ideal place you cannot ignore but to enjoy delicious food and organize important events such as party, wedding party, wedding announcement party…All of the above restaurants have the capacity of 500 people, and can meet all your demands.

Located in Ho May Ha area, Ho May 1 restaurant is considered as a place with the most beautiful view of all of the restaurants. From here, the tourists can see the 30m high statute of Di Lac Buddha and the arms spanning statute of Christ the King on Tao Phung mountain. You also can look out the ocean to the intermittent waves and the ships docked in great number.

Ho May 2 restaurant will bring a comfortable feeling to the tourists. Right here, you will get a sniff of fresh air, hear the whispers of wind and the lisp of leaves to enjoy and mix with nature freely.

Ho May 3 restaurant is located at a rather nice location with a view to the oil and gas port and the whole Vung Tau sea. With the slope slide station right below the restaurant, the valued tourists can see the rather original slide line winding around the forest and mountains.

Ho May 4 restaurant is just a place to organize seminars, conferences or buffets serving the tourists resting at hotel. Right here, you can contemplate the whole Vung Tau city with the high-rise houses close together, and the winding roads.

Within the restaurant chains of Ho May, the fast food store is one of the tourists’ favorite. With a menu full of kinds of delicious, tasty food and appropriate pricing, this is where tourists head to the most, especially teenagers.

The store meets most of the demand for food of the customers of all ages. If you are a fan of Vietnames bread, one of the most recognized food in the world, you will most definitely not skip bread with sausages or ham or crispy fried egg at the fast food corner. Plus the seafood in Vung Tau is considered the jewel of the city

The fast food stores also score thanks to their fast and quality services. Let’s check in this wonderful place right now!

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