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HO MAY PARK on Nui Lon’s peak – Vung Tau city is completely gathered with the factors creating a dreamlike landscape just like an Elysium, making the tourists everywhere become charmed and amazed. With the area of 50ha, at the height of over 250m compared with the sea water level, HỒ MÂY PARK always has cool and clean air, bringing an easy and comfortable feeling to the tourists.
At the 120km distance from Ho Chi Minh City, HO MAY PARK is an ideal destination so that you can go sightseeing, relax and have happy and comfortable moments with your family and friends. This place is one of the famous tourist attractions in Vung Tau as well, it is favored by many domestic and foreign tourists.
HO MAY PARK is a population of various landscapes in combination with many different forms of tour such as: ecological tour, spiritual tour, cultural tour, tour of entertainment, relaxation…If Ho May is considered as other Ba Na within Vung Tau, it is because the way to Ho May is rather special.
If having an opportunity to come to Vung Tau, don’t miss HO MAY PARK. It is sure that you will have a memorable trip free from the worries, tiredness of the daily life.


HO MAY PARK is invested and developed with the mission of cultivating unique potientals of natural landscape and BaRia – Vung tau tourism bring higher level.


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